8 kwietnia 2018

About us

Emipak Sp. z o.o. was formed in 2001. Initially, we worked as a consultancy firm specialising in the Polish and European flexible packaging market, including rotogravure and flexographic printing technologies. During that time, we provided assistance to numerous Polish and international printed packaging companies, preparing various evaluations of the current market situation, development trends and predicted changes, making presentations at conferences in Poland and abroad and publishing many articles in trade journals in Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Byelorussia, Great Britain and China.
At the same time, our activities were broadened to include consultancy services and sales of modern flexographic presses, laminating machines and slitters, with a sales agent agreement being signed with Soma Engineering in 2003. A further agreement was signed by us with the Germany`s company TEWS Elektronik, the world`s sole manufacturer of microwave quick moisture and density measuring systems for labolatory and process applications and Germany`s company BST International, producer of printing control and web guiding systems and company LEKOS from Slovakia, manufacturer of high quality machines and complete line for confectionery industry. The last agreements were signed with company RELOX in Germany, producer of installations for solvent incineration of exhausting gases after printing process, company EHCOLO from Dennmark, producer of width range of automatic palletizers, Netherlander company BPL, producer of industry manipulators and Swiss company BURCKHARDT, producer of units for perforation and fibrillating the taps and films.

We form long-term working relationships with our partners always working representing them on the Polish market on an exclusive basis. We take care of all the matters connected to the distribution and sales of the machines manufactured by our partners and always offer them at our partner’s prices.